Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day
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Get up. Live your day. Get killed. Again.
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7.2/10 by 44 users
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A college student relives the day of her murder over and over again as she tries to discover her killer's identity.

Title:Happy Death Day
Release Date:October 12, 2017
Genres:Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director:Christopher B. Landon
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:college, murder, time loop, young adult, college student
Alternative Titles:
  • สุขสันต์วันตาย - [TH]
  • Half to Death - [US]

Happy Death Day Reviews

  • Expect the unexpected, and then expect the expected, and then the unexpected again
    by kevschwaller on 7 October 2017

    34 out of 46 people found the following review useful:

    I saw a pre-screening of Happy Death Day and let me tell you, it was one of the most fun theater experiences I've had. The movie doesn't take itself too seriously, which is definitely for the best. If anyone walks into a movie about a sorority girl living the same day over and over and being killed over and over and expects it to be some genre-defying horror perfection, that's on them.

    However, that doesn't mean this is a bad movie by any means. Jessica Rothe as Tree Gelbman and Israel Broussard as Carter Davis are fantastic as the two leads. They have excellent chemistry and make us root for them. Rothe's character wasn't the typical horror movie sorority girl, either. She was cunning and badass. She made us believe she could actually figure this mess out. If you don't change your mind on who the killer is at least twice throughout the film, you aren't paying attention.

    There are curveballs thrown left and right, which made my theater gasp and yell numerous times. You think the movie is about to end on at least two different occasions. The script is smart, there's horror, there's comedy, there's drama. Happy Death Day takes you in numerous directions, while also making sure you have fun along the way. This is definitely one of my all-time favorite campy horror flicks out there. It even pokes fun at Groundhog Day, which it very clearly took some inspiration from. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys horror; again, it doesn't redefine the genre and there are definitely an abundance of clichés. With that, though, there are still a handful of clever moments I certainly was not expecting.

  • This movie knew exactly what it was
    by stevencvgarcia on 14 October 2017

    13 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

    I think people going to see this movie are expecting wayyyy to much from a slasher movie. I'm rating it based on what I expected, and I was certainly impressed. This movie wasn't trying to be anything more than another murder movie, but what made me want to see it was the idea of taking Groundhog Day (which it fully admitted to ripping the idea from) and turning it into a slasher film. I was actually surprised it held back on gore and blood. I was fully expecting it to be all the tropes of gross-out killings, but it was instead focused more on character development and the story. I admit the characters are a bit one-dimensional, but again, it's a slasher movie. It's trying to win any academy awards here. In many ways I think it's parodying those one-dimensional characters of college trope characters and the "last girl" in horror movies because it goes all-in on establishing the main characters as somebody you're meant to hate at first. The ending genuinely took me in a direction I didn't anticipate, and then it took me back to what I was expecting, but did it in a way that I felt fresh. All in all, I had fun watching this movie, which I think what this movie was meant to be: Fun.

  • Surprisingly good
    by ajkendric on 13 October 2017

    14 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

    I went into Happy Death Day with low expectations, thinking it would be a fun yet cheesy horror movie. I was right about one thing: it's very, very fun. Now, don't let the frightening trailer fool you: this is a not a very scary movie. Yes, there are some tense moments, usually followed by a jump scare, and there was moderate PG-13 violence, but this movie succeeds more in its one-liners than its death sequences. There are tons of good jokes from Jessica Rothe, who is the best part of this movie by far. And there is a twist, it's not very memorable, but it's smart and well thought out, and it leads to a very satisfying end fight scene. Despite the misleading marketing, Happy Death Day is an hilarious and entertaining horror/comedy.

  • Fun horror/comedy. Perfect for Halloween
    by savagdog1 on 13 October 2017

    10 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

    When I saw the trailer for this movie I admit I rolled my eyes and groaned that they were trotting out the circular time gimmick again. It was of course classic in Groundhog Day, but never seemed to click since then. I was dubious, but after seeing it with my own eyes, I can say I had a great time. I'm not sure if Blum House intended it to be funny, but it had a lot of humor in it, enough I would say to qualify it as a dark comedy. The cast was superb and while it didn't offer anything groundbreaking in terms of murders/deaths, I didn't mind because the story was so well connected and it really had me guessing right up until the end. Another litmus test for the quality of this movie is that the audience was rather quiet during the presentation. I've been to enough of these films to know that when you get a young audience seated in the dark and the film is a snooze, they'll start to talk and whisper and just annoy the Hell out of you. This movie managed to hold the attention of the entire audience and in this day and age I must say, that is an achievement in and of itself. I wasn't prepared to enjoy Happy Death Day as much as I did, but even I can admit when I was wrong. It worked from start to finish. I wasn't aware that Scott Lobdell wrote the script, but when I saw his name in the credits, I realized another reason I enjoyed it. I am familiar with his writing in the comic book industry and he is one of the more notable scribes. It's good to see the skills transfer.

  • Carried by a Breakout Lead Performance, Happy Death Day Utilizes a Familiar Premise to Deliver Lots of Fun
    by CANpatbuck3664 on 14 October 2017

    9 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

    Every negative review for this movie is going to point out that this movie is built around a concept that we've seen before. Our protagonist is forced to live through the same day again and again. Groundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow (both excellent movies) made this idea popular and for some people, they won't be able to get past the fact that this isn't brand new gimmick. I don't have a problem if movies borrow from other movies, they just need to do it effectively and put a fresh spin on it. Happy Death Day certainly accomplishes that. At the beginning, the journey hits the first couple of familiar notes but when Tree starts to realize what's happening, that's when the movie shifts gears. They aren't afraid to play with Tree's tragic end day after day and the movie functions for whole periods as a straight comedy. Luckily, this movie is really funny when it wants to be. The writers know enough to play with certain genre clichés and there's a surprising amount of tongue-in-cheek humour here. The marketing for this is a little misleading, it makes this movie look like a traditional slasher movie when it really ends up being a mishmash of comedy, mystery and horror

    Other than the living the same day plot point, Happy Death Day centres around the mystery of who Tree's killer is. The movie throws a bunch of obvious red herrings at you right off the bat and I was glad they took it a less obvious direction. I don't think they overplay their hand either, there are a couple of hints here and there but I think you'd have to be pretty perceptive to guess the twists and turns that Day's plot takes. If I had one complaint, there was a point where they looked like they were heading towards a very sentimental resolution that could have been corny. Its a case of me wanting that for these characters. They bypass that though and keep going and while I understand the decision, I might have preferred that wrap-up instead.

    Another turnoff for certain audience members might be Tree's personality as a character. She's a real b!#@% when we first meet her and I'm not exaggerating. The first time she meets her killer, I wasn't feeling sorry for her. But even when she's at her worst, she still has a certain charisma that you want to keep rooting for her. Writing characters that aren't perfect and are selfish that you want to follow is an art that so many horror movies get wrong. I liked how Tree grows (no pun intended) and by the end I really wanted her to find a happy ending somehow.

    I don't often get to really discover actors and actresses. Most of the movies I watch are pretty mainstream and by the time someone becomes a lead, you've probably heard about them from somewhere. I wasn't familiar with Jessica Rothe at all but she anchored this movie as Tree. This is a stand up and take notice kind of performance, she's multi-faceted in handling both the drama and the comedy in this movie. I hope this movie is just a stepping stone to bigger things for her and I think the last time I walked away from a movie so impressed with an actress I didn't know was Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street. Israel Broussard is easy to like as Carter, he's easy going enough that his character's relationship with Tree builds up organically. Rachel Matthews is funny as Danielle Bouseman, she's playing a very stereotypical character (stuck up sorority rich girl) but she nails it. Ruby Modine is sweet as Lori and Charles Aitken is appropriately slimy as Gregory Butler,

    I couldn't believe how charmed I was by this movie. I didn't plan on going to see this, it was a very spur of the moment thing and walking out of the theatre I was blown away. Happy Death Day isn't the best movie I've seen this year but its the biggest movie-going surprise of the year for me. It features a great turn from an up and coming actress, a good mystery, some well placed meta humour and a willingness to play within its central conceit. The marketing for this movie doesn't show how creative and fun it is and I would urge you to give this a shot. We've come off the summer blockbusters and we're still too early for the awards contenders so if you're looking for something to check out, Happy Death Day is an extremely fun hour and a half at the movies. Also, make sure to show up on time, there's a gag pulled with the opening credits that hints at what's to come.

  • a silly, romantic, fun, lovely slasher!
    by Max Roth on 16 October 2017

    4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

    I'm not going to deny it, I adore slasher flicks. They almost never get made anymore unless they're sequels or remakes, so when I saw this pseudo-slasher, I was instantly excited, even though I thought the trailer looked a little goofy. I had no idea the film was a horror comedy, and great at giving us both. The one montage in particular is absolutely hysterically funny. I thought the killer was a little obvious, but it was a satisfying twist. tree was a great protagonist, and I'm a fan of the lead actress, knowing her from La La Land and her MTV show, Mary and Jane. A wonderfully fun slasher, with a cute romance and a deliciously biting dialogue. I adored it.

  • Kinda Fun - Spoiler
    by Frank Dudley Berry, Jr. (fdber@yahoo.com) on 14 October 2017

    2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

    There is nothing terribly new in 'Happy Death Day', but it is a fun, cheerful (!) movie that almost everyone will enjoy. I noted 'spoiler' in the caption out of an abundance of caution, but my 'spoiler' is simply to note that there is surprisingly little overt violence in the movie - the heroine always blacks out at the moment before her death.

    What does happen, however, is the GroundHog Day formula, which is not so much about the repetitive days, as the transformation of the character - in this case, from a petulant, spoiled sorority girl into a decent, rather likable human being. She discovers her true love (the audience likes him from scene one), sees through the vapidity of her sorority sisters, and re-establishes a connection with her widower father. Not bad.

    Add to that a few plot twists that are logical and not all that predictable, and you have a fun two hours in the theatre. Not all that common these days.

  • Happy Death Day
    by Georgie Steel on 17 October 2017

    3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

    Happy Death Day, being of quite low budget, was the first movie I saw alone with my friends. It was really funny and had a mix of comedy, drama, and horror. The first death scene was the scariest and all the jump scares were expected but at the same time unexpected. It is a very thought out movie and cliché at times although the reveal of the killer is just mind blowing and twisted. There is not a minute in the movie where you don't rethink the killer is someone else.

    Jessica Rothe plays the character of Tree very well and you see her character change personality throughout the film. The idea of taking a baby face (the mask for the killer) creates a suspenseful and creepy atmosphere.

    I think there should be a sequel to this movie as it would make a killer story line and tie in very well with this one. Great movie and would definitely see it again.

  • Happy Death Day (2017)
    by rockman182 on 16 October 2017

    3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

    The trailer for this film accompanied by 50 Cent's "In Da Club" looked incredibly dumb, but that didn't mean that the film wasn't going to be a stupid good time. These types of repetition of a certain day films are somewhat popular with recent incarnations being completely forgettable. Groundhog Day gets it right, and I was curious to see a college slasher drama try to take a different spin on the idea.

    The film is about Tree Gelbman, a typical short fused sorority girl who loves to party and get drunk and her trials against a day that keeps repeating. On her birthday she is murdered and the day keeps resetting until she can figure out who her killer is. The daily death takes a toll on her body and she gets physically weaker each time. its a tough task having to try to figure things out when everything around her resets and the killer and his/her motivations remain unknown.

    Jessica Rothe was just perfect for this role. She's an attractive lead who played the college girl role to a tee. Her character grows by the end of the film and you start to feel a better connection with her as she becomes a different human being when her constant death teaches her about her own life. Other than that, there aren't really many fleshed out or identifiable characters, which is fine. This is a cheap thriller and should be treated a such, doesn't mean it isn't entertaining.

    The repetition surprisingly doesn't overstay its welcome and keeps itself fun. This film is barely a horror because its so stupid and the film knows it. Its more of a comedy with killing than anything else. Which is perfectly fine. The killer reveal is kind of obvious despite the writers trying to twist you away from it. Overall, you won't have much of an impression from this picture but it makes for a good time in the cinema.


  • Fast Paced Campy Horror!
    by dcm22 on 14 October 2017

    3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

    After reading some of the reviewers trash this film, even though they didn't see it, I had to comment on this film. Also after reading glowing reviews for pretty awful films, IT and Blade Runner 2049, I needed to set the record straight. If you enjoyed Drag Me To Hell in a PG13 setting, you'll love Happy Death Day.

    Tree is a sorority girl, high fashion, snobby, and no carbs. She wakes up in some guy's dorm room, much to her dismay, only to realize she's reliving the day of her birthday and murder over and over again. Laughs, a few good scares, plot twists, and even a single tear (Yes, the acting is that good and Tree shows real growth) make this a fun escape in the magical world of the movies. This movie doesn't have much gore and only has sexual innuendos, which give the PG13 rating.


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