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5.9/10 by 66 users
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The widow of a wise professor stumbles upon one of his inventions that's able to record and play a person's memory.

Release Date:September 8, 2017
Genres:Science Fiction, Drama, Mystery
Production Co.:First Point Entertainment, Scythia Films, Strophic Productions Limited
Production Countries:Canada, United States of America
Director:Mark Palansky
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Plot Keywords:professor, widow

Rememory Reviews

  • Well done and unique Sci-Fi Thriller
    by stephenw-30180 on 25 August 2017

    26 out of 42 people found the following review useful:

    Let me first start out by saying I believe Peter Dinklage is one of the most underrated American actors of our day. I believe that will change as time passes. He is as strong n stage as he is in film. His performance in Rememory is not different.

    As I typically do in my reviews, I avoid telling the story of a films narrative or plot. I try to stick to my opinion and what I feel is good or bad about a film on its merits or shortcomings.

    Rememory is a unique journey about the concept of capturing memories, good and bad, all the way back to early childhood, and being able to view them in real time on a machine built by a brilliant Psychologist.

    This concept may be very "out there" for people to believe but the film tells the story I. A very believable way. It's not hokey in any manner and the story moves at an interesting pace. I felt it started a bit slow but picks up rather quickly about 20 minutes in and is a good ride from that point on.

    Acting is terrific and special effects and concept were far above average. The sub-ploy intertwined well with the main story and gives a feel of unease which is a big reason the film works IMO.

    Again, Dinklage carries the film on his shoulders and delivers another fine performance as the protagonist on a journey seeking the truth, at his own peril, against a big corporation nipping on his heels once he starts making inquiries into the death of the designer and builder of the "machine".

    No spoilers here....I am not a big fan of Sci-Fi but have to say this film felt more like a Thriller and is in fact, and is done very well for a concept that seems highly unlikely despite the advances in modern technology.

    Any fan of unique thrillers lead by great acting and original screenplay with an added terrific soundtrack, this is time well spent.

  • Man of the moment
    by chasburnsesq on 24 September 2017

    6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

    Man of the moment Peter Dinklage takes main role in this little beauty. I've never been keen on his acting (tortured soul type) - but hey it obviously works. I've been watching him for a long time (check The Station Agent 2003 which is when his career really kicked off) "Space Pants" aside - which is probably the reason for his tortured soul - Rememory is a nice little detective /mystery / Sly-fi (my new term for sci - fi films that aren't that futuristic, you have my permission to use it, the entire new series I'm working on at the moment is Sly-fi.. But I digress..) Finally a film that doesn't concentrate on his size.. although you might still.. He really appears to be spear-heading the small person in a film without prejudice. Btw a side note to the dick who wrote the "goof" on IMDb - it's set in the future, car petals are a thing of the past, particularly in America where most vehicles are automatics. Get a fekin life! 7.4/10

  • Life represents the sum of our memories, indeed
    by mostesare on 14 September 2017

    6 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

    First, I thought that it wouldn't be much to see about this movie, but after I was digging through the story I noticed where it was headed and what it wanted to communicate. Yes, the message of it is simple and straightforward, but the facts that got me fascinated were not only the scenes, but the manner by which they were filmed and how all was put so well together to form something so beautiful. The staff that made this has my appreciation. You created a piece of art.

  • Worth the asking price
    by Reel Life Reviews on 31 August 2017

    10 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

    Rememory - A sci-fi thriller with borrowed plot points and an unsatisfying conclusion. It's definitely worth the price of admission, however, being that it's free on Google Play before it comes out in theaters.

    The movie centers around an invention that allows people to view memories from any point in their life. It doesn't get bogged down in the science behind it, allowing the story to unfold. The problem is, it's not a very good story.

    Although the memories of these characters are on full display, I never felt like I got to know any of them. The main character, played by Peter Dinklage, is a figurine maker, but is seemingly Sherlock Holmes as well. I don't know how much PTO comes with a job like that, but he spends all his time investigating a murder on his own volition. It never feels like he's truly given a challenge at any point, and the movie is too busy trying to throw you off the scent that it doesn't seem to care.

    One thing that jumps out, however, is that the movie makes zero reference to the fact that Peter Dinklage is a little person. His stature is often the main focus of his character on Game of Thrones, but any actor could have gotten this role. Given what he lays out on screen here, the overall movie notwithstanding, it's clear why he earned the part.

    Another positive performance is offered by the late Anton Yelchin. He plays a troubled young man on the brink of total mental collapse. He put all he had into his small role, showing that his untimely death robbed us of decades of potential in the world of cinema.

    If you want to see a better execution of the technology featured in this movie, I would direct you to the BBC (now Netflix) anthology series, Black Mirror. Each episode is its own independent story, so you can jump in at any point. The one entitled 'The Entire History of You' delves deeper into the topic, and also happens to be my favorite of the entire series. Yes, Rememory is currently free, but you already have Netflix on every device you own. Queue it up. 5.25/10

  • This is great drama movie with thriller and mystery elements - it NOT Inception.
    by redanimalwar on 23 September 2017

    4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

    The overall bad reviews (in the press, rotten tomatoes lists this as totally rotten with almost every critic trashing it) really surprised me on this one.

    I have this feeling that people expected this movie to me some science fiction action or something with a super twisted story ...

    The science fiction in this movie is "just" the base of the story, everything else plays out like a Drama/Thriller/Mystery. And for me it really delivered that. Especially the conclusion about the accident was something I did not expect at all. Although the part that the machine should never go into production was very predictable from early on and that memories should probably kept as they are. The ending kind of expects the audience to assume this is what happened after, at least this is how I saw it. I expected that Lawton would be confronted, some great reveal of the truth to the public ... but it was OK without that.

    Its a really sad movie and I have read reviews complaining about that. I mean what do you expect when the first listed genre says Drama.

    I get there was potential for something else with that machine story, but it was not needed for a good movie in my opinion. In the end we see Gordon delete a memory and do also do some settings on the machine never seen before. It was always just about recording and playing basically. Based on that it could be a entire different movie, memory alternation, deletion. Making people think memories of others were their own forgotten ones ... its probably thought like this that made critics not like this movie.

  • We are nothing without our memories...
    by hovigisg on 11 October 2017

    2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

    The idea of the movie is the kind i like, an advanced tech professor invents a device that animates humans memories, even those one that is hard to remember. Peter Dinklage was as usual awesome. But the movie itself was lacking some action, it was boring in the middle, the device which was animating the memories was so primitive & anybody was able to operate it, i think such an advanced high tech machine would be hard to operate, but at last it helped the hero to confront the bad memory which he was trying not ot remember, & he finally found peace. In general it was worth to watch.

  • Peter Dinklage is worth the watch.
    by subxerogravity on 12 September 2017

    6 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

    I don't know if this is the first time Peter Dinklage leads his own movie, but hopefully it will not be his last, cause he really made this film. He just had me so into what was going on all the way to the big revealed in this murder mystery.

    In it, Dinklage plays a man who lost his brother in a car accident, and can't remember the last words he said before dying. It messes him up badly, until he discovers a man who invented a machine that can recall and playback your memories and while he attempts to get a hold of this machine, the inventor mysteriously dies and he gets caught up in trying to find out how he died.

    The movie is a little above average. It was an interesting mystery, mostly because of the cleaver plot device that centers around it (The machine that can record your memories, giving it a bit of a Sci-Fi appeal) but the real reason to see the movie is Dinklage who gives a fine performance to focus on rather than any loop holes you might find.

    I think this movie took so long to get into theaters because of Anton Yelchin's death. They may have had to do some reediting or reshoots to accommodate his passing. It does not seem to effect the movie any, but who knows how good the film could have been if his passing actually did delay it's release. Plus, he's the other reason I went to see the movie.

    I also enjoined Julia Ormond in the film, who played the inventor's widow. The parts she shared with Dinklage especially really pop out at you. I did not go into this to see her, but it was an extra added surprise.

    Definitely something great to watch. A decent murder mystery with a cool plot point made really better with the help of Dinklage, Ormond and Anton Yelchin (RIP).

  • Scifi drama, not scifi action
    by Crystal_Dive on 27 August 2017

    16 out of 30 people found the following review useful:

    There are many ways how scifi is played out on screen, from mega-budgeted science action fantasy with the likes of Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy and the rebooted Star Trek, all the way to scifi of which science-fiction is but a frame around matters of the human heart. This film is of the later, a precautionary tale about why the malleable and fading nature of memories shouldn't be altered.

    If you come in with the right expectations , then you will not be disappointed by this film of stellar acting, and direction.

    Other films of the same vein, of which you should watch: 1. Eternal sunshine of the Spotless mind (Jim Carey, 2004) 2. The Final Cut (Robin Williams, 2004) 3. an episode of Black Mirror (The Entire History of You , Season 1 Episode 3)

  • A good murder-mystery/Drama
    by chewywater-707-400701 on 15 September 2017

    3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

    I won't review the plot because everyone else already has. I would highly recommend this film if you like murder-mysteries and dramas. Don't go into it thinking it's sci-fi, or you'll be disappointed.

    The Good * it was a good drama/murder-mystery, not really a science fiction movie. * An emotionally heavy film. Probes same issues as Manchester by the sea. * The acting is excellent.

    The Bad * Not science-fiction, and the trailer made it seem like it was, leading to a lot of disappointment I think. * The memory machine is a rather formulaic as a way to slowly reveal what really happened, but hey a lot of mysteries are formulaic in their slow exposure of the truth. * very gloomy all the way through, but I guess that was appropriate for the issues involved. * (SPOILER) it's not clear who ran the stop-sign and you have to re- watch the movie to find out, or go look in reddit. And that really matters because you need to know how forgivable Dinklage's character is.

  • Time heals all wounds
    by Michael Ledo on 6 September 2017

    6 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

    Sam Bloom (Peter Dinklage) is involved in an automobile accident and can't remember his brother's dying words. Gordon Oliver Dunn (G.O.D.) (Martin Donovan) has created a machine that extracts our real memories, the ones that are not clouded over in fiction or our mind blocks out. Sam wants to remember, but there are consequences. When Gordon suddenly dies, the film turns into a bland "NBC Mystery Movie" as Sam tries to figure out who killed Gordon...or did he just die? The film became interesting at the end as things unfolded different than what we expected. Gordon's middle name "Oliver" is never stated but we see it in writing as the camera lingers on it for that extra "clue" second. This is important in order to understand the confusing ending.

    Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

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