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Security Poster
6/10 by 118 users
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An ex-special services veteran, down on his luck and desperate for work, takes a job as a security guard at a run-down mall in a rough area of town. On his first night on the job, he opens the door to a distraught and desperate young girl who has fled the hijacking of a Police motorcade that was transporting her to testify as a witness in a trial. Hot on her heels is the psychopathic hijacker and his team of henchmen, who will stop at nothing to extract and eliminate the witness.

Release Date:March 4, 2017
Production Co.:Nu Image / Millennium Films, Nu Boyana Film Studios
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Alain Desrochers, Asya Chakarova, Dian Hristov, Mila Maslarova, Eric Parenteau, Monika Hristova, Galina Kyuchukova, Edis Seliminski
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Alternative Titles:
  • Security - [TH]
  • Segurança em Risco - [BR]
  • Assalto ao Shopping - [PT]

Security Reviews

  • Home Alone set in a mall !
    by valleyjohn on 3 July 2017

    51 out of 80 people found the following review useful:

    I fall for it every time. A film I've never heard of that's starring a couple of respected actors which has been released straight to DVD . When am I going to learn that there's a bloody good reason why these films come out of nowhere with little or no publicity ? Antonio Banderas is a shopping mall security guard who has to protect a child trial witness from a psychopathic criminal and his gang of soldiers looking to stop her testifying against them.

    In recent years there have been a few actors who have reinvented themselves with hard guys characters. Sadly I don't think this film is going to do anything for the career of Antonio Banderas or Ben Kingsley come to think of it. The film starts with the criminals attacking and killing a convoy of US Marshalls yet as the film progresses they ridiculously get taken out by a bunch of overly stupid shopping mall security guards as well as Banderas who is ex forces of course. Not heard that scenario before! At times it feels like Home Alone with their homemade booby traps but sadly nowhere near as entertaining. Once you get past all the juxtaposition and unintended comedy it isn't that bad but I still wish I hadn't bothered.

  • Enjoyable!
    by kgrv2000 on 10 July 2017

    44 out of 67 people found the following review useful:

    This movie might be considered a B-movie because of the budget and released straight to DVD, but honestly, it's a really good movie. Antonio Banderas is underrated, and should really be given the chance to go back to mainstream, especially action films.

    The movie isn't perfect, and characters could've been fleshed out more but other than that, this is a nice movie to watch on a lazy afternoon on your day off.

    The action sequences are great. Ben Kingsley, another underrated actor, was also great.

    It's a well-done action movie with a simple story. If you want to be entertained for an hour and 45mins, this is not a bad choice.

  • Parody of an Action Film
    by Richard Teemal on 13 July 2017

    26 out of 34 people found the following review useful:

    I read somewhere that someone reviewed this title and referred to it as "Die Hard in a mall". This is way off in my opinion. If it is to be compared to any movie I would go with "Home Alone", such is the puerile and paper-thin plot.

    Despite fairly good acting on behalf of the leads, Banderas and Kingsley, the script just fails to deliver, and in an effort, it seems to compensate, the director pulls out every cinematic cliché he could muster from his film school playbook.

    Watching this film, you cannot help but think that at any second you will hear the director yell "Cut" and we will have realized that it was all just a parody of an action film that is pretend being shot as part of the real movie which now is about to begin.

    The story is all too familiar, the action scenes are sub par, and save for the two big stars the acting is poor. Save your time re-watch Die Hard or Home Alone... you're welcome.

  • Meh
    by Ornlu Wolfjarl on 17 August 2017

    22 out of 29 people found the following review useful:

    This was a waste of time for the most part. The only redeeming factor was the action, which honestly was above average. Also Banderas gives a pretty solid performance. Everything else sucked.

    Screenplay and dialogue are idiotic and check every cliché. I think they were intentionally trying to imitate cheesy dialogue from the 80s, but it didn't fit with the tone of the film. Tired hurting veteran who just wants to be a normal guy while everything around him is despair and darkness. Whereas the 80s action hero is the exact opposite of this. A happy go lucky guy who kicks bad guy ass daily and it's what fulfils him as a person. He might have a few problems but he never lets it affect his flamboyance and humor. The result is something really weird that just perpetually keeps you out of place.

    It's a shame really, because the premise was interesting, and they could have worked a lot more with it. The mall and all the resources it contains are barely used beyond a couple scenes. Ben Kingsley performs a ruthless villain, but he's never given the chance to shine. Everyone along the ride with Banderas could have done a better job if they were coordinated better by the director. Most egregious is that most of the bad guys aren't killed by clever traps or the unexpected tactical skills of the good guys. It's just Banderas sliding and pirhouetting around who kills most of them, and he does it so easily it's almost supernatural.

    There's a lot of issues with the pacing. It's clockwork really. 5 minute build-up, 5 minutes action, 5 minutes slow exposition and here we start again. Most of the time the characters aren't doing anything. They are just sitting around not being prepared. Then just before the action starts they start running around like headless chickens. The exposition part is really lame. Most of the time they were talking I was just cringing.

    All in all, it's not the worst film ever. It's a B-movie after all. But it's not a very enjoyable one. There's far better things to do with your time, than to watch this.

  • Hyper-Action made tolerable by presence of Antonio Banderas and Ben Kingsley
    by gradyharp on 14 August 2017

    15 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

    SECURITY is low on originality, medium on clashing fight scenes with guns and bombs and fire and a bit maudlin in the end when the father/daughter concept finally adds some human interest. Otherwise this 'made for action lovers' film, written by Tony Mosher and John Sullivan and directed by Alain Desrochers is a sidebar t the careers of tow fine actors – Antonio Banderas (in fine shape physically) and Ben Kingsley.

    An ex-special services veteran (Antonio Banderas), down on his luck and desperate for work, takes a job as a security guard at a run-down mall in a rough area of town. He is introduced to the motley crew of security guards (Liam McIntyre, Gabriella Wright, Chad Lindberg, Jiro Wang). On his first night on the job, he opens the doors up to a distraught and desperate young girl Jamie (Katherine de la Rocha) who has escaped and fled from a hijacking of the Police motorcade that was transporting her to testify as a trial witness in a briefcase. Hot on her heels is psychopathic hijacker (Ben Kingsley), alongside his resourceful henchmen, who will stop at nothing to extract and eliminate their witness.

    That is the bare bones of a story that is basically one of shooting, fire, explosions, murder, and all the other derring-do that builds a story based on the chased and the chaser. It gets repetitive but Banderas and Kingsley (and Liam McIntyre) are strong enough to hold or interest.

  • Mediocre at its best
    by Wizard-8 on 18 August 2017

    13 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

    This production by Millennium Films (the Cannon Films of the 21st century) initially has some interest because it's clearly heavily influenced by two movies. The first and most obvious is "Die Hard", but it is clear the filmmakers got some inspiration from the John Carpenter movie "Assault on Precinct 13". But while this combination gives the movie an initially interesting start, it soon becomes clear that the filmmakers had little else to jazz up this tired movie. It takes forever for it to get going, and once it does, the energy level is surprisingly flat for the most part. Even the final confrontation is a letdown. The script is extremely predictable; you'll be a few steps ahead of the characters at any point. The combination of the flat screenplay and direction probably explain why stars Antonio Banderas and Ben Kingsley both phone in their performances. Oh, there are a few unintended laughs, like how the shopping mall interior is clearly a very cheap construction on a sound stage somewhere in Bulgaria. And I admit the movie, while being extremely predictable, is not really boring. But for the most part, the movie is utterly forgettable; it'll afterwards evaporate completely from your memory within hours.

  • Suitable Change for Banderas
    by Craig Parmisan on 8 July 2017

    23 out of 37 people found the following review useful:

    One wouldn't imagine that Banderas would take a role like this but he pulls it off.Combat skills are convincing enough and the story line is predictable but entertaining.The budget is not huge given that entire film was shot in one location but the videography was nicely done.I would have preferred a different ending altogether but the film was enjoyable and worth the time.

  • Mall Cop meets Jason Bourne meets the A-Team
    by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) on 3 July 2017

    36 out of 63 people found the following review useful:

    This movie was enjoyable - specifically the story-line, but it lost its major appeal and potential with a poor screenplay with many plot holes, sub-par directing, and the choice of some of its actors.

    The only decent actors in this film were Ben Kingsley playing the odd-ball villain Charlie, of which he's done before so I'm used to him, and the little girl Jamie played by Katherine de la Rocha.

    Liam McIntyre as Vance (mostly in the 1st half of the film) and Chad Lindberg as Mason where just the wrong actors for their roles, or the wrong roles for those actors. Then there was that ninja mercenary who was just really unnecessary.

    Now to be clear, I am a big fan of Antonio Banderas (Eduardo "Eddie" Deacon), but this was not the role for him. Playing the Mall Cop meets Jason Bourne was very unconvincing, especially during the fight scenes. Additionally, putting him in roles that he has to whisper is a mistake, because I can barely understand his dialog with his accent.

    The screenplay and directing where very confused in what they were trying to accomplish. Had this movie been serious throughout, with convincing and appropriate actors/roles, this would have been a hit. But unfortunately, having Chad Lindberg play the big baby-nerd role, and Liam McIntyre with those dumb sideburns and annoying dialog at the beginning, I couldn't take this film seriously, especially after seeing that ninja mercenary with the dual samurai swords that he never even used. Had their roles been as serious or convincing as the sniper, or Gabriella Wright (Ruby), it would have kept me in suspense and enjoyment from start to finish.

    Overall, the story is what kept me interested the most, and for that, it's a 7/10 from me.

  • Watch. Don't think.
    by avraham_tal on 16 August 2017

    10 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

    There is nothing sophisticated or clever in this film. All very banal, and of course full of unrealistic sequence of events.

    Nevertheless, Banderas plays quite well, and the film is generally enjoyable.

    Best watching this in the background of doing something else, or while relaxing from a long day of work.

  • Lousy Movie, Pinky Promise
    by Michael Kamm on 24 August 2017

    10 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

    This has got to be THE worst premise for a movie ever!!! Mall security guards vs trained army of assassins??? Mall security guards win??? Are you kidding??? You have Antonio Banderas and Ben Kingsley, both of which are great actors. They decide to be in this truly awful film??? What were their agents thinking? They are deserving of much better roles in REAL movies. Security is low budget all the way through. Poorly written, ridiculous concept of a script. The sets are laughably cheap. The supposed "Mall" is obviously not a mall at all. All the set design in this film seems cheap and unrealistic. With the exception of Banderas and Kingsley, ALL the other actors are terrible. Like a student film. The characters are weak and one dimensional. The cinematography and editing are good but the story and cheap sets pull the whole thing down. I was actually laughing through this entire film. It starts out bad and ends up totally absurd. I really don't understand how this movie got funded and green lit. You would have to be a complete moron to take this film seriously or care about these characters in peril. Its a joke, a real stinker. Avoid watching this. You will never get the time back and be truly disappointed.